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CVT Revitalizer

& Protectant

12 Pack - 9oz / 255g


Function & Application

Specifically formulated for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), RAU CVT Revitalizer & Protectant gives new life to worn-out fluid by restoring additive components essential to optimal performance of CVTs. It reduces noise and enhances Anti-Shudder performance for smoother operation. Proprietary formulation helps protect internal parts from excessive wear and reduces fluid degradation by raising thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid.


Outstanding Properties  

For use in all CVTs. Corrects and prevents problems caused by worn-out, degraded fluid, reduces noise, protects belt/chain, pulleys and other components from excessive wear, provides Anti-Shudder durability, maintains belt traction, reduces foaming to maintain proper fluid pressure and flow, lubricates and protects seals without shrinking or swelling them, and increases heat stability of the fluid.

Part No. 2120

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