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GDI/MPI Fuel System

Top Engine Cleaner

12 Pack - 7.5oz / 212g


Function & Application

This RAU GDI / MPI Fuel System Top Engine Cleaner product is formulated with concentrated power designed to remove harmful deposits that accumulate in the Combustion Chamber and Valves.  This One-Step product restores engine performance without harm to fuel system components.  When used as directed provides complete cleaning by safely and effectively removing carbon build up by cleaning vehicle’s upper engine components.  RAU GDI / MPI Fuel System Top Engine Cleaner helps to eliminate rough idling, knocking, pinging and engine run-on while reducing emissions and improving power and performance. RAU GDI / MPI Fuel System Top Engine Cleaner’s application process prevents and eliminates hydrostatic engine lock and backed by the same Performance Guarantee with other Rau Products for almost 20 years!!!  It is GUARANTEED to your Satisfaction or your money back for the product.


Outstanding Properties  

A Revolutionary Formulation. Safely and rapidly removes accumulated deposits from the Engine’s Intake Valves, Ports and Combustion Chamber.  Not harmful to fuel system components including Gaskets, Hoses, Metals, Fuel Pumps or O-Rings. Oxygen Sensor safe. Catalytic Converter safe.

Part No. 1130

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